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Leading in a VUCA world

Details on our session for how to navigate a leadership role in a VUCA world.

Bootcamps and Development Programmes This document provides an overview of session content for Gradconsult' s most popular skills workshops that make up our Bootcamps and Development Programmes. There are ten workshops to choose from.

Webinar: The Pitfalls, Benefits, and How-tos of Developing a Future-Talent Pipeline


An informative, online discussion between Gradconsult and Zalando Berlin TA (Talent Acquisition) Labs, focusing on developing a Future-Talent Pipeline. 

Virtual recruitment: Opportunities and challenges

A digital discussion between Gradconsult, Handshake and sector professionals on the possibilities and obstacles presented by digital recruitment. 

Mental health and graduate employment insight paper (July 2020)

An insight paper sharing ideas generated by our community of practice exploring the interconnectivity between graduate mental health during the transition from higher education into employment.

Developing skills and experience in a time of reduced employment

A digital discussion between Gradconsult, Handshake and sector professionals on how we can continue to develop skills and experience at a time of reduced employment. 

Connecting students and employers in a virtual world

A digital discussion between Gradconsult, Handshake and sector professionals on connecting students and employers in a virtual world.

Brain food for careers services

A collation of the best articles related to careers and employability from Gradconsult and others.

Seven factors to review your University partnership strategy

A breakdown of quantitative and qualitative factors to consider when designing your university attraction strategy.

SME guide to graduate recruitment and development 


  • What is a graduate?
  • Why recruit graduates?
  • How to find the best graduates
  • How to ensure graduates hit the ground running

Planning your early careers strategy

A model detailing six factors to inform your business' early careers strategy.

Career progression within a role

A model explaining the five stages of development within a role.


Great university & employer partnerships

Rebecca and Mike are guests on the Jack & Ollie show discussing what a great university and employer partnership looks like.

The Queer Student Awards panel discussion

Annie joins the QSA panel discussion on the topic of ‘reclaiming queer’ in this bonus episode of the My Career Story podcast.

The 4 Minute Think is our podcast series, offering top tips and an insight into Talent Management, Early Careers and Graduate Recruitment.


The 4 Minute Think (Episode 1)

Integrating your early careers strategy into a broader talent management strategy - by Rebecca Fielding


The 4 Minute Think (Episode 2)

Top tips for nailing applications - by Gabi Binnie


In this video, Rebecca Fielding speaks at the In-House Recruitment Expo (February 2022) on her predictions for the Early Careers market in 2030:

In this webinar, Rebecca Fielding discusses retaining graduates locally: 


Below, listen to an inspirational conversation from Rebecca Fielding, who talks about the importance of a growth mindset and how our thinking can influence our career outcomes:



Here, Rebecca Fielding talks about the key to unlocking graduate outcomes and the importance of geo-targeting:

To watch the full Early Talent podcast, click here.


Watch this video where Erin Quigley talks about finding a graduate job during the pandemic and how networking helped her find a role:


Here, Rebecca Fielding joins Charlie Ball, head of higher education intelligence at Prospects at Jisc, to discuss predictions for the 2021 graduate labour market:


Below is a video of Rebecca Fielding's session about ROI (return on investment) at the South African Graduate Employers Association conference:

For a more in-depth watch, click here.