What we do

Our work within the Graduate marketplace is very diverse and so far we’ve been involved in everything from guest lecturing, student employability workshops and graduate coaching to graduate recruitment/development consultancy and the project management of internships. And we’ve always got our eyes and ears open for any new ideas or innovations that come along.

Our clients are just as diverse – we work with everyone from individual graduates to SMEs to large employers and universities. If we get the chance to work with you, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Our work is unique

Everything we do is unique and bespoke to you. We don't believe in trying to commoditise graduates or the higher education sector – so we don't roll out the same products, systems or solutions to every client. Every coaching relationship is tailored. Every client project unique.

  • We know our noodles

We promise that you will always get new insights from us, based on our deep knowledge, expertise and experience in this area.

  • We will make you think

We will offer you challenge and support in equal measure. Expect some tricky questions.

  •  We deliver

We promise to do what we say we will do, really well and as quick as we can.

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